Malcolm Gillies turns his back on Music!

Malcolm Gillies, Vice-Chancellor of London Met, who has a degree in both an Art and a Humanity (Classics and Music) decided to turn his back on his first year Performing Arts students this afternoon, as he arrived to open the newly refurbished Library on Holloway Road, who had gathered outside to sing to him.

One student said to Prof Gillies that she had been waiting to speak to him since 9.30am this morning, which was the agreed meeting time. Gillies told the student that he ‘was never going to meet with them anyway’!

This is abhorrant behaviour from Gillies. He remains too scared to speak to the students or staff and would rather hob-nob with his corporate chums than face the people who’s lives will be turned upside-down as a result of his commercial decisions.

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2 Responses to Malcolm Gillies turns his back on Music!

  1. shufang says:

    Gillies is a total coward – keep up the protest!

  2. Jean says:

    Excellent! Well done to all of you!
    What a pathetic, cowardly specimen he is, he must be forced to resign.

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