Janine Booth , RMT Transport Union Executive

Liam McNulty, Workers’ Liberty and Cambridge Defend Education.

Charlie Kimber, National Secretary Socialist Workers Party

Clare Solomon .President University of London Union, ULU

Arianna Tassinari
SOAS SU Co-president Welfare and Education-elect

Bob Sutton, Workers’ Liberty and Vice president elect Liverpool Guild of Students

Daniel Lemberger Cooper, President-elect, Royal Holloway Students’ Union

Kieran Miles, Royal Holloway Anti-Cuts Alliance

“Keep fighting – we’re all with you! “


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We Are London Met - The blog of the student activists occupying London Metropolitan University
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  1. This message from Leeds Trinity Students Against Cuts:

    I send this message to you after hearing from a comrade in leeds that you have gone in to occupation in response to the cuts to Arts programs.
    This is horrendous and on behalf of Leeds Trinity Students Against Cuts i offer you our support and solidarity.

    The arts are so important and we use them even now to show this government we are strong and we are united against their ideological and damaging assaults.

    President of LTSAC

  2. Mike Shaw says:

    Undoubtedly all the folk up here will back me in saying: #Solidarity from Edinburgh!

  3. Well done! Yours is a critical struggle not just for the future prospects of London Met students, or for students in north London but also but also for all working-class students in the UK. It reaffirms the need for open access for all. As ex-general secretary of the lecturers union the occupation has my support. As Vice-Chair of the Coalition of Resistance (to cuts and privatisation) your action is part of a growing movement to reverse the ConDem governemnt policies or drive them from office.

  4. Jean says:

    Solidarity from South Africa.
    Shame on those ignorant few forcing you to fight for something which is your right: an education of your choice. What a sorry state the country must be in to sabotage it’s own youth in this vicious way.

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