Occupation Evicted Friday 10th December, 8.30pm

Apologies, apologies… this site has been neglected for, er, 11 days – Sorry!
But yes, if you didn’t know already, the Occupation of the Finance Dept at London Met Uni is OVER because it was evicted on Friday 10.12.10 at about 8.30pm.

The University had gone to the High Court (yes, that’ll be the top court in the land) to seek a hearing earlier in the day. The University managed to get an emergency injunction against three named individuals and ‘persons unknown’. Given the circumstances – ie: a civil offence of trespass, this kind of legal action could been seen as unreasonabley harsh. It is also understood that the Management saught an ‘ex parte’ agreement, which means that the decision can be made by one person (a judge) without every party present or represented (such as the defendents). The Judge, Mr Justice Lloyd Jones, was then able to serve an injunction against three students and ‘persons unkown’, none of whom he’d ever met, seen or heard from.

The costs of the ‘hearing’ were reserved, so the costs of any further court action, initiated by either party, could be added to Friday’s hearing and totalled up to a tidy sum way beyond the limits of any of our student loans. Nice.

So as usual, the folks who got the money have won in court, again!
Technically we’ve lost this battle, but the war ain’t over yet.


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