Finally here we are!A week is passed since we started the occupation and what we is going to be the more important day of demo is arrived!!
I’m going to go protesting in the street with some of the others occupiers but we are strongly intentioned to keep our occupation at the Uni!We have some really good banner to bring in the street and we’ll represented the occupiers,screaming,singing,fighting as if we were all ONE!I can’t wait to go out!!!!As a student from an UE country this is my first U.K demo and I’m exited and nervous at the same time.The thingh to keep in mind is to BE SAFE!!!!Also it’s important to have legal advice info so I give you a quick back up>>If you are arrested: -you have the right to free legal advice at the police station
-the right to have someone notified that you are in custody
-the right to silence.Say “No comment” to all questions in a police interview
Stop and search:Before searching you a Constable must give you their name and the name of the police station to which they are attached.
You do not have give your name and address or answer any police question under any stop and search power.
If you witness and arrest,write down what happened as soon as possible!
Solicitor Contacts:- Birnberg Pierce: 02079110166
-Hodge,Jones and Allen:0765111192

After all this stuff a bit about yesterday..
Yesterday has been another very intense and fun day.The gigs outside the main entrance of the North Campus has been great, also as an occasion for everyone to distress the tension accumulated in the past days.People have been supportive and many have turned up!The singers have dedicated songs to the students movement that will be soon on youtube.We also have lots of photos on our facebook group so check them out!!
Then..The first contact with the V.C. has been made!
What we need most at the moment are signatures on our petition, so we can show how much support we do have!A on line petition will appear on LMSU web site on Friday thanks to Sara and it will be great if you sign it!
That’s all from me,I can’t write any more because I’m to exited!

p.s. sorry if there are mistakes in my post 🙂


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We Are London Met - The blog of the student activists occupying London Metropolitan University
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