End of another fun-filled day…

Jenny writes…

It’s goodness-me o’clock on tuesday morning, I’m dashing this off before bed… and it’s been a busy one! As well as all the usual procedural stuff [quarelling with security, consuming endless cups of tea, trying and failing to explain our whole politics in simple journalist-friendly lumps] we’ve had two good events in our alternative education space, formally known as Lecture Hall TMG-45…

At lunchtime we had a great film-showing and discussion, watching “Killing us Softly” – Jean Kilbourne’s film exploring the portrayal of women in advertising. Several of the occupiers are also active in the London Met Feminist Society, so it’s been nice to use our open education space to hold events with that kind of flavour.

In the evening we’ve also had a couple of short films and discussions – firstly about racism, considering different responses to the rising acceptability of fascist groups like the EDL. Wilf Sullivan, the TUC Race Equality Officer, was a speaker, as well as many others including a representative of UAF and our local MP Jeremy Corbyn. We’d been being filmed by the self-styled “video activists” [read as: Journalists with a political bias, who aren’t ashamed to admit it] from Reel News, and they brought along a friend who showed some film and spoke to us about the construction industry blacklist controversy, and his involvement in that campaign.

All in all, it was a really interesting and fascinating few hours – and I think it demonstrated exactly what we’re trying to do while we’re here, the alternative education we’re championing. We gathered a diverse group of people, and they shared their knowledge and opinions on the issues they know and care about. Nobody got a certificate or a grade at the end of the day, but they did get some new ideas, some new things to think about, and some new views on what they already knew. Everyone left the room with more questions to think about than they came with. If this isn’t the point of an open, free alternative education, I don’t know what is.


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2 Responses to End of another fun-filled day…

  1. Darren O'Grady says:

    Waltham Forest Trades Council is an organisation of trade union representatives in the borough. Our meeting last night agreed to send the occupation a message of support. As trade unionists, we have been greatly impressed by your commitment to justice and inspired by your willingness to take direct action.

    We did invite a speaker to the meeting last night (left messages on the occupation mobile number) but I understand you had a meeting to attend. A number of local unions, including local govt workers and teachers have invited students to their meetings, so hopefully we can develop student / worker unity to fight the cuts.

    See you at Parliament tomorrow !

    In solidarity

    Darren O’Grady
    Secretary WF Trades Council

    • Sorry that your call went unanswered! Things have been so hectic over the last couple of days that things have been missed out. We’ve been so busy trying to simultaneously organise for national demo, activities inside the uni, while also defending and maintaining the occupation itself.
      We appreciate the solidarity that the Trade Unions have shown to the student activists, and will be sure to repay the support you have given us in kind, whenever you need help. Your fight is our fight.

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