48 hours into Occupation…

We’re coming up to our two-day anniversary!

Today we’ve been suffering from an internet blackout – until now… so that’s why you haven’t been able to hear us shout, tweet and spread our solidarity. Many people tried to help us fix the problem today so thank you all!

Also, just now, we found out that we’ve not only shut down the financial heart of the university, but also, HUMAN RESOURCES!!!!

We’re patting ourselves on the back while eating an amazing veggie curry provided by Unison. We send our thanks and solidarity to Unison and the UCU, both of which have been fantastically supportive of our actions. We stand shoulder to shoulder with all their members and staff and lecturers at the university who could be facing job cuts, restructuring, redundancies, changes to terms&conditions, prolonged working hours or pay cuts in the future. It is absolutely clear that their struggle is our struggle. The cuts in higher education funding currently subsidise our education by paying their wages.

Now it’s up to the student body to get together – come to and support the occupation, make a visit, pop in, have a cuppa and a biscuit, sign the petition and put pressure on the Students Union – OUR UNION – to support direct action.

The Cuts will be voted on this Thursday! We’re facing a massively serious situation now, as a nation, as young people, as workers, as a society. We are about to witness the catastrophic demolition to higher education, which will not only cut jobs and delete courses, but these will have much wider consequences. We’re going to see people’s lives, of all ages, and especially children’s lives destroyed before they’ve begun. They will be the real victims in this situation.

Malcolm Gillies (Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive at LMU) already made it clear that LMU would look towards its private partners for financial support after the cuts. What he means is PRIVATIZATION of EDUCATION. If you don’t want to see LMU privatized, stand with us. Join the occupation now. Call 07775 531 897 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              07775 531 897      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.


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We Are London Met - The blog of the student activists occupying London Metropolitan University
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