Statement of Occupation

Why are we occupying the Cashier’s Office?

A group of London Met students are staging a peaceful, non-violent legal protest in the Finance Department in the Tower Building on Holloway Road. We have created a safe space for free, open, alternative education including free lectures and events, guest speakers, 24/hour study space, food, drinks, toilets, kitchen, wi-fi.

As student occupiers, we wish to protest in a way which draws maximum attention from the management, while causing minimum disruption to the university’s students and lecturers. As such, our action is centred around the Cashier’s Office.

London Met Uni has been increasingly run like a business rather than a school.

The Management has ignored students for too long and has increasingly run the University like a business rather than a school. We believe that education must be the primary focus of the University. We are occupying the Cashier’s Office to make this clear – we as students are more important than money.


About wearelondonmet

We Are London Met - The blog of the student activists occupying London Metropolitan University
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One Response to Statement of Occupation

  1. Seb says:

    Just wanted to say solidarity from myself – I visited earlier today and am in complete support. I’ve passed details around contacts so hope you’ll be getting a lot more support and visitors soon! If you need anything in the meantime, just get in touch!

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